Library Leads STEM Program for Community

From infant care to an A.A. degree, you can do it in Sharon Hill. Sharon Hill Library is leading our community in participating in the Cornell University Bird Sleuth science education program for K- 12 students. The library is building on our community's strengths in education, accessibility, and stability by extending the reach of the Bird Sleuth program to include early childhood programs and our library after school program. Reading and the arts are also included in our program. Check out our pictures. You will see the Sharon Hill is STEAMING ahead.

The library has chosen the theme migration for our program. Bird migration has allowed the library to integrate the special role Sharon Hill played during 2 great human migrations, the Underground Railroad and the Irish potato famine or Great Hunger. We look forward to learning more about others who have and are migrating to Sharon Hill. Please share your stories with us so that we can better build on the strengths of our historic community.

And don't forget to stop by Sharon Hill Library to check out who may have migrated to our window feeder and to feed yourself with the great books that have migrated to our shelves. To learn more about the program at the Cornell Ornithology Lab at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York go to Cornell or go to Birdssleuth.